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Blade Runner 2049 Officer K’s Blaster




This is a 3D printed replica of Officer K’s blaster gun from the new movie Blade Runner 2049.

This is is a non functioning item.

**FULLY FINISHED GUN: printed, sanded, body filler to help smooth out rough areas, primed, painted, and clear coated ready to go out of the box!

**DIY GUN: comes as one solid piece in a solid color and will arrive like the black gun above.

***Please Note***
3D printed objects are by no means perfect. Layers and defects may be visible.

Customer service is my number one goal. Please contact me with any questions concerning a purchase or about the product. Each piece is physically inspected, sanded, painted, and then assembled to ensure the best possible quality. (please give us 24 hours to respond)


3D Model originally designed by: schrodingers_cat
All credit for the model goes to him.
Published published Oct 13, 2017

Creative commons – Attribution – ShareAlike

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